Happiness is handmade
Happiness is handmade
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Meet the Artist - Iveth Wright

My name is Iveth Wright  and I am an artist based in Kansas who has been painting for nearly 25 years. My professional art career started as a Textil designer in Colombia (South America)

I ventured out on my own, working closely with another designers to paint Trompe-l'œil murals and furniture in Argentina.

After moving to USA, I decided to be focused on murals and wood but for the last 3 years, my emphasis has been on wooden painted signs for wreaths.
My wonderful husband, Richard is a huge help in my business.  He does all the cutting of the pieces for me.

I primarily use acrylic paint, pencil, watercolor pencils, and pastels. However on occasion inks and glitter make their way on to the piece.

My work is influenced by the natural world around me, my inner world, and the perceived separation between the two. I'm continuously learning about myself through my creative process as a metaphor for how I live my life.
I make hand painted wood wreath accent pieces.  All items are hand cut, hand drawn, and hand painted by me, no two items are completely identical  Again, this is the nature of hand painted items and not machine printed.  I do my best to make and keep my customers happy. 

I am a Textil Designer by trade.

Wife & Momma of two beautiful kids by love.

Artist by heart.

Free by Christ

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​Iveth Wright, Owner

Bartlett, KS


(214) 717-7346